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Welcome to From A Climate Correspondent, a newsletter exploring the climate crisis from around the globe.

Each week we publish a personal take on a different aspect of the climate crisis from journalists based outside Europe, the US and Canada.

Begun by four environmental journalists from Europe working outside our home continent, we highlight key news, stories, voices and insights from our adopted regions.

As the project has grown, we are increasingly seeking to highlight more local voices, meaning our emphasis is now shifting further towards commissioning other environmental journalists to tell their own stories about the climate crisis. In doing so, we also hope to help strengthen the community of climate writers working abroad.

If you would like to help us expand (and pay) a raft of new contributing writers, then any and all contributions would be gratefully accepted on Patreon here.

Either way, we aim to keep bringing you voices and stories from the climate front-line!

India, Jocelyn, Lou and Mat

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